Friday, 6 October 2017

BuyFi - Buying the Fine Experience …

BuyFi - Buying the Fine Experience …

An “A” class customer experience that is what the main motto of BuyFi is? BuyFi also teams up with the small and medium sized retail businesses by getting them registered. The best part of BuyFi is that it bridges the gap between local retailers and the local residents.

Below are the list of few advantages of BuyFi:-

·       Before placing an order the customer has the advantage of chatting with the prospective sellers. This little interaction definitely builds a comfort zone between the two parties.
·       Buyers can get price quotations from the different retailers and that would help them to compare the prices and then to conclude buying.

·       The privacy of the customer (in respect of their address and location and phone number) is well taken care of. Because the app does not display any of these information to the retailers.
·       Ease of return is another milestone in case of BuyFi. As it involves the trading between the parties who stay in a particular local vicinity.

Why BuyFi is unique?

Well, the reason is simple. It has tried to incorporate all the necessities a customer can look for while thinking of buying any product. Starting from building relationship with the sellers, comparing the prices to gaining a satisfactory buying experience, a BuyFi user can get them all in just one app, and that makes BuyFi an epitome of awesomeness.

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